The History of the Gift Basket

gift basketGift baskets are an excellent way to show someone affection or appreciation.

They also have a history as rich as the chocolate in a Chocolicious NY gift basket (see what we did there?)! Gift baskets date back to the earliest days of man. As soon as people knew how to weave, they put baskets together. Baskets made with interwoven techniques that are familiar to us today date back to around 3000 BC.¬†One thing led to another, and soon people were putting food into baskets as a way to send messages of goodwill. One of the earliest recorded uses of a basket was in the Old Testament when Moses’ mother placed him in a wicker basket and sent him down the Nile river. In those days, like today, baskets were used for practical and artistic purposes. Even though they’re primarily used for storage and transport, baskets are generally handwoven and can be quite beautiful. carries a wide selection of unique chocolate gift baskets, thus keeping the tradition of the gift basket alive. Gift baskets are appropriate for almost any occasion–a wedding, a funeral, a graduation, an anniversary, a birthday, a thank you, or even a greeting. See all of our kosher gift baskets by visiting us online.

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