The History of Chocolate in the United States

chocolate gift platterIt’s hard to imagine a world where people didn’t eat chocolate. Believe it or not, eating chocolate didn’t become popular in the United States until the 1920s. Prior to then, it was more common for people to drink chocolate.

In early American history, the chocolate drink was considered to be too intoxicating and stimulating for women and children. By 1773, however, drinking chocolate was something that all classes of people were able to do. Chocolate drinks in those times were not only used for recreational purposes, but for medical ones as well. Chocolate was used to promote weight gain for emaciated patients, to stimulate patients, to calm overly stimulated patients (we realize that’s contradictory, but it’s true), and to improve digestion. Initially, people preferred drinking chocolate to eating it because the texture of edible chocolate was coarse and gritty. In 1876, Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate in Switzerland. Three years later, Rodolphe Lindt made a machine that processed chocolate into a texture similar to the one we’re familiar with today. Finally, by the 1920s, eating chocolate was more popular than drinking it.

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