Shiva Baskets from Chocolicious NY

sympathy gift basketsA death in the family is never easy. Comforting someone who lost a loved one is particularly difficult. Supporting somebody who’s grieving can be intimidating. It’s hard to know what to say or how to act around a person who just lost someone they were close to. There are a few general things you can do to comfort someone in need.

Don’t try to give them advice. Listen to them. Ask them if they feel like talking. If they don’t, don’t pry. They’ll express their feelings when they’re ready. If they are ready to open up, be willing to sit without saying anything. Let the person talk, and accept all of their feelings, whether they’re angry or sad. Do not compare their grief to yours, and don’t ever tell them that you “know” how they’re feeling. Instead, reassure them that what they’re feeling is okay and that their loved one won’t be forgotten.

Sending a gift like flowers or food is a nice gesture to the bereaved. carries a wide selection of kosher sympathy baskets, and sympathy nut and chocolate platters. This is a good way to remind someone they’re in your thoughts. Visit us online to find the perfect sympathy gift basket for someone you care about.

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