Pomp, Circumstance, and Graduation Gift Baskets!

unique gift basketsIt’s almost summertime, which means a lot of students will be graduating soon (if they haven’t already). What do you get your favorite poindexter to show them how proud you are of them for going the educational distance?

Why not get them a gift basket? A nut gift platter or a chocolate gift basket is the perfect gift for a recent college graduate–after all, their dining hall points expire once they graduate. A gift basket will ensure that they at least have something to eat while they’re job-hunting. Of course, a gift basket or platter is also a good gift idea for the parents of a graduate. If a family is hosting a graduating party, they could use your gift basket or platter to serve guests. This is a nice way to show them how happy you are for them while making their hosting duties a little easier.

If you decide a gift basket or a platter is the way to go, check out our selection of graduation gift platters! We’ve got chocolate platters in a wide variety of sizes to fit any appetite or budget. We also have a graduation nut platter for the smarty-pants without a sweet tooth. A gift basket is a great way to show a graduate you want the next chapter of their life to be sweet and satisfying.

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