Chocolate for Shiva

wicker chocolate basketShiva is the Jewish tradition of observing a seven day mourning period after a death. The Shiva period officially begins after the funeral, with “the meal of consolation,” when the family of the deceased mourns together at home and focuses on remembering their loved one. After this meal, it is customary for friends and family to drop by for visits and support. The idea is that this creates a support system for the mourning family. Unlike other traditions, the Shiva practice frowns on receiving flowers.

Therefore, friends and family often send their sympathies in the form of kosher gift baskets. Sending a mourning family a gift basket during this Shiva period is an appreciated and accepted practice. Sending finger foods like chocolate, peanuts, dried fruit and pretzels gives the family something to pick at while receiving guests. Additionally, it provides the family with something to offer up to visitors as they arrive. Lastly, gift baskets will not spoil quickly. They do not need to be consumed immediately and can be set aside for the time being. Given the quantity of food baskets a mourning family will receive, this is important.

If you cannot make a Shiva in person (due to distance or another extenuating factors), sending a Brooklyn gift basket is an excellent way to show the family they are in your thoughts and prayers.

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