Chanukah Gift Baskets Last Past the Holidays

Giving gift baskets as a Chanukah present is a no-brainer. The chocolate and treat-filled baskets offer something for everyone, are perfect for large groups and can be savored over time–instead of used and discarded in one sitting. They are also the perfect way to express your creativity in choosing a basket for your friends and family. Chanukah baskets give you ownership in what your gift looks like.

The only downside, if there even is one, with these Chanukah gift baskets is that once the chocolates and candies are devoured (which they inevitably will be), the gift is gone. All that is left is the basket, which is not all that exciting on its own.

Chocolicious has a solution for this dilemma. The Large Antique Stand Chocolate Gift is a beautiful large, antique gold fruit stand that comes filled with delicious non-dairy kosher chocolates. It is made of ceramic and offers your friends and family a gift to enjoy now (as they eat the candies) and for years to come when they display the gold fruit stand. This gift really is the best of two worlds.

Chocolicious has a variety of other long lasting Chanukah gift-giving options available. Check them all out as you plan your holidays.

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