Why Is There Often a Menorah in Our Unique Gift Baskets for Chanukkah?

Menorah and Chanukkah Gelt

Visitors to the the Chanukkah section of our website will find that several of our unique gift baskets for Chanukkah include a menorah of some sort. The menorah is particularly representative of the holiday, as one of the primary miracles occurred with the menorah in the Beit Hamikdash.

In a fit of destructive malice, the departing Greeks broke the seal on nearly every container of olive oil, rendering them unfit for use in the menorah. One small jug escaped their notice and it miraculously allowed the flames of the menorah to burn for eight days while new oil was acquired.

To commemorate the miracle, Jewish people have lit menorahs in their homes for the eight days of Chanukkah since then. Customs differ as to whether everyone should light or only the head of the household, but every house has at least one.

At Chocolicious NY, we especially enjoy the holiday of Chanukkah. The Chanukkah gelt and parties are quite nice, yet it is the idea that all over the world Jewish people are lighting a menorah on these nights that is at once inspiring and humbling.

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What’s the Deal with Hanukah Gelt Anyway?

Hanukkah GeltMany parents have a tradition to give Hanukkah gelt to their children on the nights of the holiday. Gelt is the Yiddish word for money, and the gift usually involves a small amount of cash. Where does this tradition come from and is it really of Jewish origin?

The simplest explanation is that parents are giving their children the opportunity to obey a Rabbinic prohibition against using the lights of the menorah for mundane tasks, such as counting money.

The tradition may also stem from an earlier practice of providing Torah teachers with a tip for services on Chanukkah. In Jewish law, Torah teachers are discouraged from demanding a set salary for their work. Instead, the community members have an obligation to provide for their means and more.

If that is indeed the root of this newer tradition, the explanation is simple. Chanukkah celebrates the victory of Torah over Hellenist thought, so what better time to acknowledge the efforts of the Rabbis who teach and the children who study?

Whatever the basis for the tradition, chocolatiers have used it to invent a new concept, the exchange of kosher chocolate disguised as gelt. Especially for younger children, chocolate may be more appealing than money. Money just doesn’t have the same sweet taste!

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Chanukkah Gelt Swirls Amid Falling Leaves!

Unique gift baskets for HanukkahDue to the intricacies of the Jewish calendar, Chanukkah this year occurs much earlier than usual. Typically, the holiday coincides with wintry chills and hot cocoa. However, this year the joyous occasion will be graced with falling leaves and crisp breezes.

While that doesn’t change the nature and tradition of Chanukkah, it does change the approach of party planners and creators of unique gift baskets for Chanukkah. The wintry colors of blue, white, silver, and other darker colors cede the floor for the earthy tones of fall.

A side effect of the occasional early occurrence of Chanukkah is its disassociation from being just another winter holiday. All too often, people assume that it is just another winter holiday with slightly different customs. The early occurrence emphasizes that it is not a winter celebration; it is a markedly different occasion.

In fact, the holiday of Channukah doesn’t celebrate a season at all; it celebrates a historical event that happened in the second century BCE. The Greek overlords oppressed the Jewish population and prevented them from performing mitzvos. A ragtag group of Judean rebels formally known as the Maccabees trounced the Greeks and restored the Temple to its former glory.

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Columbus Discovered Kosher Chocolate (Almost)

Kosher Chocolate For Columbus DayNext week, Monday is a national holiday known as Columbus Day. In celebration of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas, parents and children are given time off from work and school to reflect on the contributions of this great explorer. To be clear, Columbus’ arrival at America occurred on October 12th, 1492 and not October 14th. However, like many holidays, Columbus Day is pinned to a specific day in the month, not date. It is interesting to note, though, that October 12th was a Monday when the day became a federal holiday in 1970.

Not everyone is happy with the celebration. Native American groups and others decry a celebration of the atrocities committed by European settlers in the Americas. Other groups point to evidence that Columbus was not such a great guy after all. Still others insist Amerigo Vespucci is more deserving of the praise and glory.

For those who celebrate Columbus Day, or any of the alternative holidays on the same day, Chocolicious NY has one request to make. Remember that chocolate originally stems from the Americas, so whoever discovered the Americas should be honored with heaps of kosher chocolate. We propose a custom of exchanging kosher chocolate gift baskets on this auspicious day!

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Going Nuts for Unique Gift Baskets!

Nuts For Our Unique Gift Baskets“He must be nuts” and “He’s off his nut” are trite expressions in the English lexicon. When we hear them being used, we envision little filberts running madly in ever increasing circles. Sometimes we imagine peanuts playing catch with their own shells while singing nursery rhymes in discordant voices.

The expression does technically descend from the original term for the nut. However, it is more closely related to another detour where nut was used as an indication of fondness. It seems fondness is a step from being overly fond, which is just a tiny jump from raving lunacy.

We like nuts, though we prefer the edible kind. In fact, we offer a large variety of nuts on our website and in our store. Once again, we are talking about the edible sort of nut.

We have a particular fondness for the almond because of its versatility. Almonds can be offered whole, sliced, or slivered. They can be offered raw, dry roasted unsalted or salted, and roasted salted or unsalted. On top of that, they can be covered with just about anything from sesame to honey and from chocolate to toffee!

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Express Happy Birthday with Kosher Chocolate!

NY kosher chocolateIt comes only once a year, but it is often marked by celebrations ranging from extravagant bashes to simple parties. Whether the party includes streamers, kosher chocolate gift baskets, and ice cream floats or a simple yet delicious kosher chocolate cake, the birthday celebration marks another step in the grand old journey of life.

Though Judaism doesn’t necessarily take a view on the correctness of the birthday celebration, certain birthdays are particularly auspicious. A boy’s 13th birthday and a girl’s 12th birthday denote the time he or she becomes an adult under Jewish law. The responsibility to live in accordance with Halachah falls upon them.

Another important event is the day a child turns three years of age. From that day forward, parents are obligated to educate their children in Torah and Mitzvos.

Short of those birthdays, Judaism doesn’t really focus on these celebrations. Perhaps the reason is due to the tendency of people to misconstrue the meaning of a birthday. A birthday doesn’t celebrate living, per se. Living with no purpose isn’t much of an accomplishment. Instead, the day should focus on what has been accomplished and what can still be accomplished.

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Kosher Chocolate for the Bar Mitzva Boy!

Bar Mitzva Kosher Chocolate Gift BasketsBar mitzvas bring to mind certain imagery. Tefillin, stacks of seforim and gifts, a shiny hat, perhaps, and a speech. In many cases, a kiddush is thrown on the Shabbos of the aliyah l’torah of the new man.

Bar mitzva kiddushim range from simple affairs of cake, kichel, and herring to elaborate shindigs with cholent, kishke, p’tcha, and cholopches (stuffed cabbage) for all attendees.

One fixture of most of these kiddushim is a kosher chocolate and candy platter placed center stage on the table. The basket may include a bear, and the bear may be wearing tefillin, if someone was really imaginative. It may be one tier or 13 tiers to symbolize the age of bar mitzva.

While it may seem trivial, the unique gift baskets purchased for kiddushim are essential as a constant reminder of what the celebration is truly about. It’s not about the delicious kokosh cake or rows of bronfen. Nor is it about an excuse to come home late from shul. It’s about the bar mitva boy and the step he’s taken toward being a Jewish adult. It’s about a celebration of the Torah and everything it offers for daily life.

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A Rainbow of Kosher Chocolate and Candy

Colors of Kosher ChocolateMore often than not, people looking to purchase our unique gift baskets are seeking a basket with a particular theme corresponding to a specific event or occasion.  We do our best to address this type of customer by providing gift baskets for every occasion we could dream up.

Occasionally, a patron will ask us for a basket that meets other criteria instead of only occasion. For example, a party planner may only care that all contents of a basket are of a certain color. Another customer may insist that we supply him with a basket filled with varieties of delicious kosher chocolate. We don’t question the motives behind these sometimes strange requests. Instead, we make every effort to ensure our store and our website can be easily navigated by all kinds of customers.

On our website, visitors can choose by the pound, by occasion, and, of course, by color. With a palette ranging from pink to gold, we can satisfy most requests for a color scheme. However, we do tend to have trouble when people ask for exotic shades like chartreuse and camelback.

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Dieters Can Enjoy Kosher Chocolate Gift Baskets!

Kosher ChocolateDiets abound in a world are devoted to “looking good.”  Some of the proponents of diets are definitely misguided. However, dieting is necessary for the health of certain individuals who suffer from obesity or certain medical conditions .

It takes a considerable amount of willpower to stick to a diet. It can be particularly difficult for people who enjoy candy and chocolate to suddenly take a hiatus from noshing—not to mention you can go through sugar withdrawal from a complete cutoff. In fact, for some people, giving up chocolate is not only a matter of self-control; chocolate is a comfort food which people may become psychologically attached to.

Fear not. Many varieties of such delicacies come in sugar-free versions just for dieters and other sugar avoiders. Chocolicious NY stocks completely sugar-free mixed fruit, peppermint, and pomegranate candies flavored with Sweet ‘N Low, a sugar substitute. That’s not all. Many of our truffles and kosher chocolate products also come in sugar-free versions. Why should dieters be deprived of Viennese crunch, Belgian truffles, and kosher chocolate almond clusters?

In many cases, healthier versions of a product do not compare to the original version. The sugar-free items we offer come remarkably close!

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Kosher Chocolate Is the Spice of Life

Unique gift basketsChocolate plays such a dominant role in our lives with its use as a comfort food, an essential component in our gift baskets, and as an ingredient in baking and cooking, of course.

Since chocolate is so vital to our existence, kosher certification organizations seek to ensure the production of kosher chocolate. There are several problems with these attempts, though.

One issue is that certain European companies allow products made with cocoa butter equivalents to be listed as chocolate without distinction. This can be a problem as some of these so-called CBEs can be of non-kosher origin.

Another concern is the origin of the lecithin used in the chocolate. Lecithin is a necessary component in chocolate because it serves as an emulsifier to give the chocolate its thickness and keep the ingredients together. However, the term lecithin includes substances of vegetable and animal origin, rendering it a concern for kosher certification.

According to several kosher certification organizations, chocolate manufacturers who want to obtain certification are often faced with a dilemma. Several steps of the process involve pouring water on machinery, which worries manufacturers since any residual water can have a negative effect on the final product.

Kosher chocolate is widely available despite the issues with production. We at Chocolicious NY only use the highest quality in kashrus and taste in our unique gift baskets!